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Treasure Trails

What is a Treasure Trail?

A real-life adventure that fires up the imagination and gets you exploring the most interesting parts of the UK (including Farnham).

We are delighted to tell you that Treasure Trails are working with the Farnham Walking Festival this year to design and print a special Trail JUST FOR US!

Read all about them here - https://www.treasuretrails.co.uk/

Who’s it for?

The whole family! Explore on a Treasure Trail. For young detectives and budding spies to adults who never grew up. Treasure Trails are a captivating challenge that combines mind-twisting clues and fascinating stories for anyone with a sense of adventure. From catching crooks to tracking down sneaky spies and hidden treasure – our Trails are highly addictive (even for parents!) and will turn you into an instant superhero for planning the best day EVER.

How does it work?

Turn a regular day out into a full-blown adventure! Crack the sneaky Clues to solve the mystery. Follow a self-guided TREASURE TRAIL through the winding backstreets and hidden corners of villages, towns and cities around the UK. Crack the clues along the route to unlock incredible stories from the past and solve the mystery at the end. Before you know it, you’ve walked a couple of miles, taken in the highlights, put your heads together as a family and returned home with a massive smile on your face!

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