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This morning I attended a meeting in Farnham about sustainability. It was very interesting and urged attendees to consider their business position on a sustainable future.

"Ah yes," I mused afterwards. "A walking festival has to be the ultimate in sustainability." Then I started thinking about it, and how we (the festival) could actually become greener. Yes, the activities over the fortnight are the ultimate in green-ness, but can we make then better?

Here are a few steps we might take and some positions to consider for next year:

1. Encourage all participants to come to the start of the walks by public transport. Ensure that all start points and times fit the use of buses and/or trains. We could also encourage the use of bicycles.

2. Reduce the amount of paper we generate - cutting handouts, developing a higher reliance on electronic communications. Maybe adding a note to the bottom of emails saying something like 'Please consider sustainability before printing this out.'

3. Consider more eco-friendly and sustainable paper sources for next year's brochure and posters.

4. Have a 'sustainability walk' next year to encourage awareness of the global problem.

Personally, I am doing what I can to help. In my house, I drink coffee from 'pods'. One can argue the entire sustainability question of this, but that's for another post. I do my bit to recycle the aluminium and help. Does the fact I actually walk the twelve miles to Guildford to hand in the used capsules count for a bonus? Is that worthy of a 'star'?

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