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Questionable opinion?

After a week in Jordan, with temperatures in the high 20s, 2,000-year-old tombs and exotic animals, one of our walk leaders has returned and is back getting ready for the festival.

He reported to us that today that he reconnoitred the 'Farnham's Mountain' walk. "A lovely 10-mile trip via Crooksbury Hill to Tilford and back via Sheephatch," he said, going on to wax lyrical about the delights of the Surrey countryside.

The view from the top of Crooksbury was misty, and the temperature barely rose into double figures. But on chatting to the walk leader, he told us that he knew where he would rather be. His main complaint about Jordan was "Too much blooming sand!" We can't help thinking we'd rather be in the Middle East, and among the website team, we think we could put up with the desert!

Alas, we cannot offer walks in Jordan during this festival, but if you want to visit Farnham's Mountain, check here - https://www.farnhamwalkingfestival.org/events/farnhams-mountain

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