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What an amazing day! 24 February 2019 will go down in my memory as a wonderful one. I went on a ten-mile walk with the Farnham Ramblers from Normandy to Pirbright and back. The walk was interesting (and flat!), but what made the day was the weather. On 28 February 2018, a year ago, we were suffering from the 'Beast from the East', and the HIGH was minus 2 degrees with blustery snow showers. I walked with 6 top layers, including my heaviest, double-lined coat. This Sunday it was 19 degrees hot, wall-to-wall sunshine, and I was walking in a T-shirt.

Lunch was by the village pond at the green in Pirbright under a blue sky. Coats were removed (by those still wearing them) and all was good with the world as we sat, munched sandwiches and watched the terns flying overhead.

If only this weather will recur from 19 May to 2 June ....

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