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Our first monthly walk

Our first monthly walk bringing 14 intrepid walkers 'Downhill from Hindhead' has been announced as a huge success. We caught the bus from Farnham and travelled on the top deck (including Hazel our mascot dog) to Hindhead, where we united with one walker meeting us there. On a history-packed walk, we saw the Sailor's stone, marking the barbarous murder of an unknown sailor at the head of the Devil's Punchbowl and followed the route to Gibbet Hill, where his murderers were hanged.

The route continued down to Thursley churchyard, where we lunched while checking over the church, graveyard and the 'mobile history library' which we carried with us. The rather gruesome tombstone of the sailor was a reminder of what awaits anyone venturing over the roads at night in those days.

Article from the Farnham Herald, 18/07/19, reproduced with thanks.

The pleasant saunter proceeded over Hankley Common, where Marvel are currently filming 'Black Widow', their latest film starring Scarlett Johansson. We're not sure whether we will appear in the blockbuster, but we will all be sure to watch it just in case. A brief stop at the Atlantic Wall was followed by a very well-received break at the Duke of Cambridge (not Cumberland as we were initially told).

A gentle walk back over Sheephatch from Tilford rounded off a very pleasant day.

I hope everyone enjoyed the sortie, and look forward to meeting everyone again next month on our literary walk. If you want to follow in our footsteps you can review the walk here - https://www.farnhamwalkingfestival.org/post/downhill-from-hindhead

Anyone wanting to join us on Sunday 18 August on the literary walk can sign up here - https://www.farnhamwalkingfestival.org/full-programme

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