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Friends of Farnham Park

The Friends of Farnham Park are a group of people who appreciate the simple pleasures of Farnham Park and who want everybody to be able to continue to enjoy them into the future. We liaise closely with, and support, the Waverley Countryside Management team in preserving the character of this wonderful local amenity. Many of our activities are open to everybody, and most are free to members, with a small charge to non-members. They include:

• Keeping our members informed through a biannual newsletter

• Interpretive walks

• Conservation activities and working parties

• Liaison with Waverley Borough Council on long term management strategies

• Social events

In 2019 the Friends are organising a wildlife walk in Farnham Park on Wednesday 29 May. A wander in the Park, talking about the wildlife that uses the Park, and seeing what we can find, including (hopefully) flowers, butterflies and a look in the ponds.

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