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First week highlights

One week in to the Festival and I've been on a fair few walks. Personally, I've tromped 52.5 miles during the week. In this time, I've amassed a few highlights which I'd like to share with you.

Humorous highlight was at the top of Crooksbury Hill on the Farnham's Mountain walk. We were all admiring the view and people were asking what this hill was and which direction was where, when Debbie commented "Simon, move your bum!" 17-year-old Simon had perched himself on the top of the trig point, completely obscuring the direction arrows under him!

Happenchance highlight was not actually on a walk! At the end of the Waterside Wanderings walk, we took a lovely return trip to Ash Vale Station on the Basingstoke Canal's tripboat, Rosebud. Rounding a corner, we saw a flash of electric blue as a kingfisher darted past. Alas none of us was quick enough to catch this, but it was a wonderful sight that has been seared into my memory, nevertheless.

Idyllic highlight had to be on the Historical Evening's Stroll. This in itself was a wonderfully relaxed walk chatting with good new friends and enjoying a very pleasant, leisurely time together. The pace and style of this walk was perfect. Coming down above the University, the sun turned the fields and trees golden and the view over the town was magical. We stopped for a group photo with a warm glow in our hearts matching the golden light.

If you have personal highlights from the walks, please comment on our Facebook post here:- https://www.facebook.com/FarnhamWalkingFestival/posts/3283610431660910

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