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Farnham Walking Festival Launch Walk

A 4.5 mile walk, centred on Farnham through the park and back over pleasant farmland.

Enjoy the delights of the ancient Market Town of Farnham, before following a pleasant walk past the 12th-century Castle, across a well-manicured golf course, then out over the wilder part of Farnham Park. The return is down farm lanes, through open farmland, with a final section through woodland. Roughly speaking, it is uphill all the way out (140 metres total climb) but of course largely downhill on the way back.

1. The walk starts at the Jolly Sailor Pub at 64 West Street. It could well start anywhere in Farnham, but the initial path is down the alley between two brick walls to the left side of the pub. Follow this alley as it zigzags until it reaches Potter's Gate. Turn left, past the school to a T-junction, where the route turns right into Falkner Road and passes the University of Creative Arts. As the road kinks, ignore the path on the left through the Sculpture Park, instead go into Upper Hart Car Park on the left. Cross the car park diagonally, to the furthest left corner and take a footpath between two fences of chain-link with concrete posts. Follow this path uphill, ignoring the footpath on the left, until you reach the main road at a house called Fox Hollow. Carefully cross this road, and join the pavement-style footpath past the Castle. If you have time, pop in and take a quick look at the 12th-century keep and glance into the Tudor Courtyard. When you are ready to continue, return to the footpath, heading road-side of the Cricket Club, to the entrance into the Car Park on the right-hand side. Enter Farnham Park, walk along the front of the Information Centre and turn left down its side. Follow this short car park to the left-hand corner, where the footpath across the Farnham Park Golf Course begins.

2. This is a well-marked footpath with wooden posts and large orange markers showing the way. After about 300m, the path across the Golf Course finishes with a kissing gate out into Farnham Park. Cross the minor track, and continue in the same direction, heading initially for a large electricity pylon. Follow the well-defined track in the grass, under the overhead wires, staying on the track and crossing a small plank bridge. Now aim for the gap between the two largest trees. This leads to a surfaced footpath and finally to a residential road – Hampton Road, where the route turns left. When this meets Drovers Way, turn left again, finally reaching the main road of Folly Hill.

3. Carefully cross Folly Hill and go along Upper Old Park Lane, which is diagonally to the right in a staggered junction with Drover's Way (sign-posted Private Road, but it is a Public Footpath). Follow the lane for 400m, until it reaches a T-junction. The main path turns left, which is the direction the route takes; ignore the cul-de-sac to the right. The path now enters open farmland and heads downhill for 500m.

4. At Woodside Cottages, the road turns left, but the route takes a small and well-signposted footpath down the St Swithun's Way to the right. Follow the footpath down the hill and up again, until the route reaches Middle Old Park Farm on the right.

5. 20m before the farm is a footpath on the left through a kissing gate. After another 20m the path reaches a second kissing gate and goes across the middle of an open field. After 250m, pass through the gate in the hedge (always open) between the two fields (with good views of Farnham) and immediately turn left by the side of the boundary. At the first corner, go through a reasonably new steel kissing gate into Claypit Wood. A well-maintained path leads through the woods, down to the stream and back up the other side. At the far end of the woods is a wooden kissing gate, a small piece of grass (maybe 50m) and a final kissing gate to the right ahead of you. Take this and head downhill between the hedgerows.

6. After 400m, as the path exits the twin hedgerows either side, look out for a well-signed footpath on the left and turn here up a good track. This soon becomes a farm track and eventually passes buildings to reach a minor road. Pass a set of cottages on the left, and immediately in line with the last cottage (100m after joining the road), there is a footpath on the right, which the route takes. The footpath is initially between a wooden fence and a hedge but soon opens out to cross two small fields. It passes through the middle of the UCA Student Village (it is a public footpath) and finally goes through the Sculpture Park. When it comes to the road, cross diagonally and head straight on down The Hart. Continue to the main road, West Street, where a right turn brings the route back to the Jolly Sailor for a congratulatory drink!

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