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Farnham Herald - thanks

One of our great supporters has been the Farnham Herald. Their editorial team have been superb supporters of the event. Since the launch of their new format, we have been supplying weekly walks to them - ranging from this week's 4-miler downhill from Caesar's Camp to Aldershot, to a 22-mile yomp from Alton to Winchester. All of these they have printed and hopefully some of you have enjoyed walking them. Colin at The Herald has agreed to print more walks from us in the future.

They have covered the highlights of the campaign - one of their reporters came on our Press Launch Walk and we are hoping to see some of their team on walks. Already we understand they might come to the "Farnham's Mountain" walk. Lettie told us they might cover the start but perhaps not walk it. Well ... we have a space!

So the reason for this blog is to say a HUGE THANKS to everyone at the Herald for their work. I am sure many of you will send a big shout out, and if you want all the local news and a great downhill walk, grab your copy today!

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