Farnham Biodiversity Group

The Farnham Biodiversity Group (FBG) was formed in April 2019 to draw up and put into practice a detailed Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) for Farnham. It is supported by a Partnership including existing volunteer groups, local authorities, Surrey Wildlife Trust and the Environment Agency. Creating a BAP is an ideal way of addressing in a structured way the complex factors that affect ecosystems and wildlife habitats in Farnham and in particular:

• To enable the implementation of environmental policies in the Neighbourhood Plan fully by supporting and enhancing biodiversity.

• To help redress the effects of habitat degradation, disease and climate change that are endangering wildlife locally and more widely, and which are resulting in the serious decline of once-common species such as the hedgehog, swift and stag beetle.

• To ensure that the excellent conservation work already going on in the town achieves even greater impact through a common approach.

The Group welcomes the support of groups, local ecologists and amateur naturalists in gathering data and in helping to develop and implement biodiversity projects across the town. More details can be found on the website - www.farnhambap.org.uk

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