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90 years on ...

I didn't QUITE get the right viewpoint, as that is in the middle of a gorse morass, but the video below was shot in approximately 1930, while the photo above was taken in 2019. My father (who is 87) can remember as a young child, being taken with his mum in his father's motorbike on a day trip to the Devil's Punchbowl. Even today he can remember the throb of the BSA motorbike's 500 cc single-cylinder engine as it chugged up the hill, straining under the load of sidecar with 'mum' and picnic, and pillion of my five-year-old father, clutching on for dear life!

What a difference from then to now. All one hears if one walks the route today is the sound of birds singing, and sometimes the sound of children playing before they have their picnic at the National Trust cafe and car park at the top of the hill. Ninety years on and this is real progress!

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